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NBA 2K14

Every year when NBA season starts, all fans of basketball best basketball simulator.Die receive a new version of NBA 2K14 2014 version LeBron James, who will celebrate the entire game mode dedicated to him, and the long awaited arrival of the euro league team. But are these new additions NBA 2K14 best basketball game ever? (Functions () {(Home page testing app;)}; LeBron James, this year every NBA 2K star has its own featured players, and this time, LeBron James you. StoreMiami is in the game, from the cover to the preliminary video recorder with a basketball player, on LeBron: The Grootheid Way, where you will direct your work. Similarly, the NBA 2K11 mode dedicated to Michael Jordan. 2K14 gives you the opportunity to lead LeBron James’s career. The difference is that you can not find LeBron’s original actions as you did in Jordan, but you will be there in his recent victory. “NBA 2K14AllowsYou can choose between different events.The first LeBron will stay in the Miami heat to reach the peak of his career, or in the second half he joins another team. In both cases, many challenges await, and LeBron’s figures are almost 99%. Unfortunately, this situation is not just a series of games and script that is a persuasive line. It would be better if you could choose LeBronslakin team you could not do it! Innovation of NBA 2K14 is the arrival of 14 Euro Leaguespanne. Will you forget about LeBron playing inFriendly matches with FC Barcelona, a��a��CSKA Moscow, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and other European teams? In that case, you should comply with the European league rules, especially in the second NBA defensive rule. What we do not want is that you should play fast, with the absence of a multiplayer mode, Finally, let’s never forget that these two new options are only complementary to the game that was already solid. NBA 2K14 is still coming up with all the classic ways of franchise: My player, My job,Networking and Training. These modes have not changed, but they have made this game, a single NBA game that we all know. On the other hand, my team is back. In this case you can participate in online competitionShare with your friends and player you created in My Player System.Notebook SensationNBA 2K14 comes with a wide range of gameplay extensions. You will see the most important thing about using a controller to play, as this involves using the correct Sticky analog stickalmost everything and rubber: show-stop action or hard shots Make the game access to new players by making them intuitive more productive. However, be careful to put Analog stick to not spend time if you want to make a false shot, because you run the risk of being shot dead. If gebruikMet trigger left to get married, controlling the lever may be non-sectional making and you pass spanmaats.Gebruikers can benefit from additional movements to join or pass the ball(in the middle of the legs, backwards, weerkaatspas). The locking system is the camel we want because it lets you catch the ball and make blocks. There are no spiritual weapons that block the ball! Artificial knowledge is also perfect, so it is very difficult to break the defense. It’s more stable and placed close to throwing it free, making it hard to win. From now on emotional players can not only purpose on the basket, but also have the right and proper mixing ball or blocker. With the button you can get helpethics and will have a gray circle that looks at the space where a player with a ball or one of his partners should be a great opportunity to get gee. Avoid points NBA 2K14 great emotion feeling with menstruation and controls.

In terms of kykAanbieding on the TV has always been one of the most important NBA 2K series points. Every year the concept of viewing the NBA game experience in the detective television. Creating a creative, listening audience and donors are helping3,000 new drawings in the square and on the other side of the screenshots show players close to their reaction excitement after the big shooting or frustrasieop of the bank after it is fitting. Those who watch NBA games can also recognize the movement and attitude of certain players, because of SainiMoves.Daarbenewens passed many errors of the NBA 2K14, especially for blocks and bounces (front of the ball solved by weapons). Now all the work and players are doing in the most true way, for eachsituasie.In the sound of the voice, LeBron chose a playlist. Kanye West, Nas, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, and many more with you in the game weesdie readers Steve Kerr, Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg. Typically, NBA 2K14 is now only Engels.Vir, the best basketballwedstrydNBA 2K14 is not a big step forward, but always content content, giving you a feeling of unlike animation, more authenticity, and expecting the arrival of Euro League teams. With the lack of a game of dedication, Is NBA 2K14 a gamebest basketball? Yes, and it’s easy to understand why, because it’s just the best game available after the NBALive series has been suspended. EA Games can, however, determine one PC version of this game publishing, which is available for many years by PS4 and Xbox One.
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